Tailored Cyber Security Support

Today’s business environment is driven by sophisticated technology, automation, exchange of information and trust. This is why CED Systems, LLC is here to provide tailored Cyber Security support to organizations across a range of industries. Many functions, operational, financial and administrative, rely heavily on enterprise applications and data. Much of this data lives in the proverbial “Cloud”. Ensuring authorized personnel (confidentiality) has effective access to (availability) accurate resources and business data (integrity) is our driving force, The CIA Triad. Balancing the delicate relationship between these forces while ensuring your security is the mission of our Cyber professionals. Our team can build your organization a custom Cyber Security plan or add to your existing program thereby drastically enhancing your overall posture. Call to schedule a one on one consultation with one of our staff technicians today.


Blockchain Security Audits

Due to the many failures of trusted custodians and the explosion of large scale data breaches the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) offers an incredible advancement for business operations worldwide. However, the strength of a security system lays in the robustness of the underlying protocols and regulations governing them. CED has identified the monumental need for Cyber Security and best practices with-in the Block chain framework. We are skilled at conducting node level audits to ensure your Blockchain infrastructure is hardened against many of the common Blockchain vulnerabilities.


CED Remediation services.

In a perfect world all organizations would be wholly protected against destructive Cyber attacks. However, this world does not exist. Once a destructive breach has occurred the next steps your organization takes is crucial to your success, legally, financially and morally. Enter CED Remediation services.


Remediation is often a daunting task without a clear project plan on how to make the necessary changes.  Leveraging our remediation team provides on-demand, seasoned security experts to prioritize, implement, and execute the remediation plan if your team lacks the resources or expertise.


Remediation plans vary, and may involve the following:

  • Policy and Procedure Development or Improvement

  • Implementation of Enhanced Technical Controls

  • Upgrade Patches to Existing Systems

  • Adjust and Update Plans (Contingency, Disaster Recovery and Incident Response)

  • New System Implementation

Cloud Integration

Cloud integration offers your organization several advantages over older, compartmentalized organizational methods:

  • Access to corporate data in real time from any device.

  • Scalability to allow for future expansion in terms of the number of users, the number of applications, or both.

Allow our team of AWS developers and experts to guide you through the process of safely and securely migrating your data to the cloud.


PCI Compliance

If your organization accepts The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) applies to your organization. 

The Safeguarding of cardholder data affects everybody. Following PCI security standards is just good business and morally correct. The breach or theft of cardholder data affects not only your business, but the entire financial ecosystem. Such standards help ensure healthy and trustworthy payment card transactions between you and your customers. Opinions vary on the scope and frequency of PCI audits. However, we encourage our clients to perform deep scan audits quarterly, if not more often. Allowing us to perform a baseline audit of your organization will provide you with valuable information to use in building a tailored PCI protocol. This will include hardening against known threats as well as the actions to take in the event of a breach..