Network Management

CED Systems, LLC. Managed Services

Managed services from CED Systems, LLC. relieve you of the burden of supporting, managing, operating and optimizing today’s highly complex, integrated multi-vendor and multi-platform environments. CED Systems offers high quality, reliable support for a diverse array of products and solutions from Cisco, Microsoft, Linux and many other leading technology manufacturers. And, unlike other managed service offerings, CED Systems, LLC. utilizes our full range of services to develop customized solutions to meet your needs.


Proactive Optimization and System Management

Protect your environment with properly maintained software control and distribution of software updates. We will ensure you have proper software updates, patches, and bug fixes, and new OS releases.


CED Systems - Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics

CED Systems advanced monitoring solutions provide the most comprehensive monitoring, management, and diagnostics to enhance application performance management and dramatically improve end-to-end visibility across your entire domain. Providing predictable and actionable analysis, CED Systems, LLC. can manage, monitor, and proactively troubleshoot multi-vendor issues for improved visibility and service delivery across integrated voice, video and data applications.


On-site Support

If your organization requires on-site support, CED Systems, LLC. can provide certified technicians to perform day-to-day maintenance and repair.

Communication is key for any 21st Century business. This is especially true among computers and other digital devices that are useful for your business. There is nothing more frustrating than fiddling with a jumbled mess of wires and cords haphazardly connecting the devices essential to the efficiency of your business. Luckily the Network Management professionals at CED Systems can organize and optimize your business network.


CED Systems works with you to define a framework and specifications of your network's components, functionality, organization, configuration, operational principles, as well as data formats. With a well-built and organized network, your business will have an efficient revenue-enabling foundation that allows your organization to reach new heights of professionalism.


CED Systems Network Management Services provide complete support for the management and maintenance processes for Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN). Our Network Management Services also provide for Network Security Monitoring and Incident Response on all your business platforms (enterprise, mobile and cloud) to ensure Data Integrity, Availability, and Confidentiality. Our Network Management Service (NMS) provides outside network monitoring and network management expertise to keep your network running at its best. Services are provided either on-site or remotely using highly secure remote access software.